I hate corruption, defiance and social diversionary teaching – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni.
President Yoweri Museveni

Kampala, Uganda | URN | President Yoweri Museveni has expressed his bitterness against corrupt practices which he says taints Uganda’s image.

This was carried in his Martyrs Day speech delivered by John Mitala, the head of Public Service at the Anglican shrine in Nakiyanja, Namugongo on Thursday 3, June 2021.

“I wish on this day to decry the growing social ills of corruption, defiance and social diversionary teaching of political elements. The NRM government hates such actions and will not tolerate such situations. We stand for a universal push to transform our world as opposed to parasitic arrangements where only a small portion of humanity benefits,” said Museveni.

He added that these evils tainting the image of Uganda cannot be tolerated when they are working hard to isolate economic challenges that have bedeviled the Africans for a long time. President Museveni says that they cannot risk the young generation to the adversaries of change and development.

According to Mr Museveni, Christians need to be on guard against enemies of Uganda that he said resist development and transformation and push for sectarian interests based on religion and tribe. He said that this is the reason that government is preaching African integration at all levels and all sectors especially trade and enhancement of all services across the African continent.

Martyrs Day is commemorated on June 3 and in previous years, millions of people from within and outside Uganda thronged both the Anglican and Catholic shrines to commemorate the 45 martyrs, a brave group of young men who were killed for defying their king who asked them to denounce their new acquired religion. 

The martyrs converted to Christianity between 1885 and 1887 – to the annoyance of the then Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda, who ordered that they be burnt to death. This is the second time the event is celebrated virtually, with only 200 guests as the country maintains restrictions on public gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today we celebrate the Uganda Martyrs Day and remember the people who were killed for standing with the cause of faith and unwavering trust in God. As you may be aware, this event used to bring a lot of people, especially from the neighboring countries. This was not possible last year and this year due to the pandemic we are facing,” said the President.

He appealed to Christians to emulate the Uganda Martyrs who have over the years been celebrated for their display of courage, boldness and unshaken determination to stand up for their faith even in the face of persecution and death.

“Through them, we realize that the people who champion change are not moved by any kind of intimidation, but stand by the principle of belief in the truth, honesty as the best reward that can reform our nation. Not just by preaching but also being practical…to be known by works in whatever we do,” adds Museveni.

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He tasked religious leaders to uplift communities from lack of prosperity at all levels saying that this is the most needed and urgent task that they have at the moment.

President Museveni says teaching people in a way that they can understand is a science of special importance and that the Church is called upon to bring to reality the teachings of Christ to benefit the people in their community.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Museveni says that the country is experiencing new strong strains that are different from the original strain that the people from China first experienced and the scientists are working hard to study and come up with the best solutions.

The president appealed to Ugandans to observe COVID-19 guidelines put in place by government, be informed and avoid social media sensationalism about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.