Men Talk: Most women are slippery when a man’s wallet is empty

Men Talk: Most women are slippery when a man's wallet is empty

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Majority of us men have been there before, thinking a girl likes you and loves to be around you but once your money is gone, she starts devaluing you, criticizing you and controlling you, walking all over you. She never liked you to begin with, not even as a friend, she simply loved your fat wallet.

These kinds of women are as fake as they came. They will never really love any man unless he can take care of her financial needs. The best, most surefire way to test a girl who is playing you for your money, is to stop doing her favors and stop spending money on her. Then wait and see what she does.

If she has a hard time when you tell her “NO” and keeps trying to make you spend cash or do favors, then you know she’s playing you and not taking you seriously. If she stops giving you attention and affection when you’re not doing things for her, DUMP HER as soon as yesterday.

These girls know what you like, and they know how to keep you hooked. They make you feel like a knight in shinning armor when you’re doing things for them and spending money on them. Bro, you have to learn how to spot the red flags early on in order to protect yourself from being hurt in the future.

“Fool me once, SHAME ON YOU, fool me twice, SHAME ON ME,” that’s how it goes. If you let yourself get scammed by a woman for your money, time and energy more than once, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

She’s going to find someone who has more money and a slightly better lifestyle than you do then rub it on your face. One way to tell just how cruel and evil these women are is by getting a new job, a car and some fancy toys, if she hears about you and she tries coming back even after a nasty breakup, then you know she’s a gold digging narcissist and a whore.

If she doesn’t return even after hearing about your new wealth and success, then thank God you got rid of her when you did. Because it could have been ten times worse the second time around.

These women truly are detestable and the lowest bottom feeders, freeloading scumbags of society. All they have to offer is their good looks and charm. But in reality, she’s all fake.

She doesn’t even know who she is. She’s never been independent, she’s never lived on her own. She’s always with some other guy who can take care of her. You should feel sorry for that guy.

Your life is going to get better after this girl, and she’s going to be nothing more than a trophy wife with no valuable skills, no education, no independence — she has absolutely nothing substantive to bring on the table, instead, she will with no remorse show how she loves your money than you.

She’s never going to do anything to give back to society, she’s never truly going to be self-sacrificing. Do not feel bad that you lost her, take it as a blessing, don’t miss her just because she’s hot with a big bum and fun to be around, she never loved you, liked you or respected you to begin with.

She showed you her true colors when you were going through difficult times. A true lover will stay with you during good times and bad times. Not just the good times.

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In these modern times, never trust co-dependent woman, never trust a woman who has no career, who’s never been able to hold a job.

Never trust a woman who has had multiple partners. Never trust a woman with multiple baby daddies. Never trust a woman who can’t get to work on time and is always late. Then she starts asking for help because she can’t afford to take care of herself. These women are toxic freeloaders. You don’t want a woman like that in your life.

Unless you are super rich or have a reliable source of good income, and you don’t mind spending money on a girl and spoiling her, then have at it. But it’s never going to be real love. Would you rather be loved or only have a partner who just likes you for your money and because you can do favors for her?

The choice is yours, choose wisely!