Eyewitness accounts from the Kampala twin suicide bombings

Bomb blast at IPS building
Bomb blast at IPS building

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Geoffrey Aturebire was driving through Parliamentary Avenue when a blast went off just next to the IPS building. Moments after, he saw pieces of human flesh on his car and other parts of the human body scattered on the road.

Our reporters found him parked at Parliamentary Avenue opposite the headquarters of Uganda Prisons Service with blood and flesh still stuck on his car windscreen and bonnet. He said he was still in shock and confusion.

Samuel Malinga, an employee at Jubilee Insurance, one of the offices at IPS building said that while he was working, he heard blasts and immediately rushed out of the office. In the same way, he was met by pieces of human flesh all over the road and shattered glasses off the buildings in the neighbourhood.

Two bomb explosions in Uganda’s capital Kampala kills at least three

Henry Mulaki who works in the IGG’s office said he had moved a few meters from his office to DFCU bank at Impala House, opposite the KCCA headquarters when he heard a blast from a far.

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After about a minute, another blast went off nearby and he rushed to Jubilee House where he recalls seeing body tissue all over the place.

Kampala Central Mayor Salim Uhuru described the Kampala twin suicide bombings event as unfortunate.

Outside Jubilee House, there were glasses in the road probably from a car or cars. There were also pieces of flesh that could be spotted.