Forget about unfulfilled NRM pledges, LOP tells Luwero residents

Forget about unfulfilled NRM pledges, LOP tells Luwero residents
The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga

Luwero, Uganda | URN | The Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga, has advised residents of Luwero district to stop chasing for unfulfilled NRM pledges and join forces to rescue the country.

National Resistance Army (NRA) fighters waged a guerrilla war from Greater Luwero from 1981-1986, and thousand of lives as well as property were lost.

Since President Yoweri Museveni took over power, he has made several pledges to residents of Greater Luwero for their contribution to the war.

Among the pledges were the elevation of Nakaseke hospital to regional referral, compensation of veterans, construction of Luwero district headquarters and a pineapple processing plant to add value to produce among others.

Speaking at the burial of 94-year-old Christine Nakate, the grandmother of Robert Ssekitoleko, the Bamunanika County Member of Parliament at Kibanyi village in Luwero district on Monday 6, December 2021, Mpuuga said the NRM government officials have no will to fulfill the pledges but enrich themselves as they overstay in power.

Mpuuga says that 35 years after the end of the war, residents in Luwero shouldn’t be pleading with Mr Museveni to fulfill the NRM pledges and other services despite their undeniable contribution to the NRA war.

He added that residents ought to admit that they made a mistake in supporting the NRM government for long and now route their time to work for the development of the area as well as regime change.

Mpuuga said it was a good step for residents in Luwero to vote against NRM candidates in the past general elections, and he is hopeful the area will witness a change in service delivery since opposition leaders are now in control of the district.

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Erastus Kibirango, the LC5 chairman of Luwero district said the residents lost trust in NRM government and that was clearly shown in the past general election results.

Robert Ssekitoleko, the Bamunanika County MP says that it’s painful for Museveni to forget the area that brought him into power.

Ssekitoleko says that he will continue to pile pressure on the NRM government to extend services to the area till they leave power.

According to presidential results for Luwero, Museveni obtained only 41,166 votes (27.94%) and his arch rival NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu scored 103,782 votes (70.45%) out of 151,964 votes cast in the district.

This was the lowest score for President Yoweri Museveni in Luwero since he joined power.