Luwero denies unvaccinated people access to district headquarters

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Luwero, Uganda | URN | Luwero district taskforce on COVID-19 has issued a directive to block unvaccinated people from accessing the district headquarters.

Juliet Najjuma Ssenkoole, the chairperson of Luwero district taskforce on COVID-19 says that the directive is intended to protect the civil servants and encourage the public to embrace the vaccination exercise.

The directive to deny unvaccinated people has since taken effect and now to access the district headquarters, one needs to show a vaccination card as proof before he or she is allowed to visit any public office.

Najjuma says that the taskforce has put much effort to encourage people to get vaccinated and the district has received so many doses of vaccines but some residents preferred to shy away from the exercise.

She added that it was time for such people to be denied access because they are threats to civil servants.

Christine Nakamanya, the Vice chairperson of Luwero district says that the resolution is welcome but asked the health department to create a vaccination site at district headquarters so that the residents can be vaccinated in case they are blocked.

Luwero district headquarters hosts several district departments, the Office of Resident District Commissioner and Savannah Regional Police offices.

The directive came at a time when President Yoweri Museveni ordered that only vaccinated people be allowed to travel in public transport.

Now, several residents have rushed to Luwero hospital and other health centers for vaccination which has resulted in a shortage of vaccines as well as cards.

At least 300-1,000 people are now visiting Luwero hospital daily for vaccination. Cathy Nakanwagi, a resident of Luwero town says that she has spent two days seeking vaccination at the hospital in vain due to the huge numbers.

Badilu Ssendagire, another resident says that he rushed for vaccination over fear that he will be denied entrance at district headquarters and public transport but unfortunately, he received no vaccination card due to their shortage.

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Akram Matovu, a student at Gombe High School says that he rushed to go for vaccination so that he is not denied access at school as ministry directed but he is disappointed after he was not given a card.

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Others who had returned for second doses were also turned away after finding Pfizer and Moderna out of stock which they had earlier on received as the first doses.

Now residents say with such challenges, the ban on non-vaccinated people should be relaxed till cards and vaccines are readily available.

Doctor Innocent Nkonwa, the Luwero district health officer admitted that there was a shortage of vaccination cards and specific vaccines but he has notified National Medical Stores (NMS) for more supplies.

Nkonwa however explained that AstraZeneca vaccines are available across the district and it is being administered to clients especially the first and those who need it as the second jab.

So far, Luwero district has administered over 227,000 doses and 40,000 people are estimated to be fully jabbed since it began the vaccination exercise. The district targets to fully jab 265,000 residents in the