SGA Security guard arrested over shooting S.4 student in Lira

DPC raids night bar, shoots man dead during curfew operations

Lira, Uganda | URN | A private security guard belonging to SGA Security Group has been arrested by police in Lira city for allegedly shooting a senior four student of Lira Town College.

Francis Odom allegedly shot Morris Odongo in the leg on Tuesday 18, April 2023. North Kyoga police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema says that Odom gained entrance into Lira Town College on Tuesday night and picked a senior three female student, Finela Echonga. Okema says that on their way out, they met students who allegedly attacked Odom and Echonga, causing a scuffle.

According to Okema, the students had escaped from school. He adds that, during the scuffle, Odom shot Odongo in the right lower leg and fled off with Echonga. He says that Odom (the SGA security guard) and Echonga were arrested in Tekulu Cell and the gun recovered.

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Sophia Rose Acen, the head teacher of the school declined to divulge any more information about the incident. Locals have often complained about students of Lira Town Council whom they accuse of escaping from school to snatch valuable items such as phones, bags, laptops, and food items from market vendors, and other members of the public.

Last month, the police arrested nine students of the same school over theft of watermelons from various stalls. They had earlier escaped to go and watch the post-primary football tournament at a nearby primary school.