Subaru driver who attempted to knock traffic officer remanded

Subaru driver who attempted to knock traffic officer remanded
Psychologist Isaac Mukwaya the accused person

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court has remanded Isaac Mukwaya to Luzira prison on charges of careless driving.

Mukwaya, a psychologist and resident of Mutungo in Nakawa Division was on Thursday 15, June 2023 arraigned before the Court presided over by the Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi and charged with two offenses.

He was also charged with failing to stop when signaled by a police officer in uniform who was in the execution of his duties.

According to the prosecution, on June 12th, 2023 at about 3 pm at the parking yard of Lyca Mobile Company in Kampala District, Mukwaya drove motor vehicle registration number UAZ 515 Subaru Foresta Black in Color without reasonable consideration for other road users.

But  Mukwaya denied the charges against him.

Prosecution led by State Attorney Ivan Kyazze informed Court that inquiries in this matter are incomplete.

Mukwaya applied for bail and presented his three relatives including Rose Nasejje his mother, his wife Maureen Namyalo Musoke, who is Human Resource Consultant with True North Consult, and his cousin sister Shakira Nabbanja a businesswoman who deals in Property Management.

He asked the court to grant him bail on the basis that he is the sole breadwinner at home and has a sick child. Mukwaya further told the court that he is willing to abide by any terms and conditions set for him by Court.

But the prosecution objected to the bail application saying that since investigations are still ongoing, there is a like hood that he will interfere with inquiries.

Kyazze also told the court that the recommendation letter from the Local Council One doesn’t show that it was intended for Court purposes since it was addressed to whom it may concern.

Kyazze told the court that the defense lawyers say Mukwaya is a resident of Mbuya yet the charge sheet indicates that he is a resident of Mutungo which are two different places and there is no proof that he has two homes.

But Mukwaya clarified to the court that he was formerly a resident of Mutungo where he registered his National Identification Card and has since shifted to Mbuya.

Trouble for Mukwaya started when he attempted to knock a Police officer at Kitgum Junction on Jinja Road and sped off.

Traffic Officer Narrow Escape: Reckless Subaru Driver Arrested

Police indicated that he violated the traffic lights when police officer Josam Katongole plucked off the front number plate.

Mukwaya later drove to Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala but reportedly had a sick child in the vehicle and was told to take the child to Hospital and later report back.

According to police reports, after one hour Mukwaya later returned to CPS and was arrested after a video clip had gone viral on social media platforms.

Last year, more than 10 police officers died in road crashes, with at least three deliberately being knocked down, including one who was killed by a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.