How man conspired with girlfriend to kill wife through lethal injection 

Luwero, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Friday Musoke and his girlfriend, Enid Kanyonyozi, residents of Bombo 21 miles zone in Bombo town council, faced charges before Luwero Chief Magistrate Mariam Nalugya Ssemwanga, Tuesday 1, August 2023. They are accused of conspiring to kill Lilian Namboowa, a wife and mother of four children, through a medical procedure.

The arrests of Musoke and Kanyonyozi took place on January 1 of this year, after Dr. Onesmus Bainomugisha of Global Medical Center, whom they had allegedly engaged to carry out the crime for a sum of Shs 5 million through an injection, alerted the police.

Prosecutor Gloria Akello presented two additional witnesses on Monday 31, July 2023, supporting the case against the accused, detailing their alleged conspiracy to end Namboowa’s life.

Detective Sgt Richard Mubiru Bugalanyo, the crime intelligence officer attached to the Savannah Regional Police Flying Squad, testified that on December 31, 2022, he received instructions from the Luwero District Police Commander to meet Dr. Bainomugisha, who reported the case against the accused.

Bugalanyo explained that during the meeting, Bainomugisha disclosed how Kanyonyozi approached him to assist in a plot to kill Namboowa through a medical procedure. As evidence, Bainomugisha played a recorded phone conversation wherein Musoke promised him money as compensation for executing the deadly mission.

According to the detective, Musoke had requested chloroform from the doctor, intending to use it to subdue his wife before transporting her to the medical center for the fatal injection.

In the recorded conversation, Musoke explained that he chose to involve a medical professional to avoid arousing suspicion from Namboowa’s relatives, which could lead to his arrest. He also expressed grievances about his wife’s behavior, claiming she had undermined his authority and turned their children against him.

Bainomugisha, concerned for Namboowa’s safety, promptly reported the matter to Bombo police station to prevent the accused from seeking another individual’s help if he refused. To ensure safety, they agreed not to provide the genuine chloroform to Musoke.

The following day, Musoke arrived at the medical center on a boda boda, where he was given a non-toxic liquid to carry out the mission. Bugalanyo, along with other detectives, arrested Musoke and the boda boda rider, transferring them to the police to face charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

During the arrest, Musoke allegedly showed remorse and cooperated with the authorities, apologizing for his actions.

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Joel Kibirango, the boda boda rider who was subsequently released, testified against Musoke. He claimed that Musoke hired him for transportation to the health center without disclosing his intentions beforehand. Kibirango confirmed that he had known Musoke and Namboowa as a married couple, having seen them together for the past four years.

Magistrate Mariam Nalugya Ssemwanga remanded Musoke and Kanyonyozi until September 4, 2023 when their case will be further heard and their bail application considered.

Defense lawyer Sowali Katamba filed a bail application on the grounds that the accused individuals require medical treatment. However, the magistrate advised them to seek treatment at Murchison Bay Hospital until the court reaches a decision on their application.