Family of fugitive warlord Kony upset by Museveni’s unfulfilled pledges

Museveni's 'unfulfilled pledges' upset family of fugitive warlord Kony
President Museveni hosted the son and other family members of Uganda's fugitive warlord Joseph Kony at State House on August 25, 2023.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The sons and former wife of the fugitive Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel leader, Joseph Kony, are expressing their dissatisfaction with living conditions and are seeking another meeting with President Yoweri Museveni.

This request follows a previous meeting less than three months ago, where President Museveni pledged to assist Kony’s family in starting a new life, including providing land for agricultural activities.

During the initial meeting at State House Entebbe on August 25, attended by key figures like the Pageya clan chief and the Presidential Coordinator for Northern Uganda, promises were made to address the family’s challenges.

However, as of Monday 20, November 2023, Kony’s family alleges that efforts to coordinate a second meeting, promised by the President in September, have been met with silence from those responsible for organizing it.

Ali Saloongo Kony, a former LRA commander, expressed frustration, stating that attempts to contact the meeting coordinators have been unsuccessful.

President Museveni pledged that the government will set up a profit-making farm for Kony’s family- where all his wives and children, led by Brig. Ali Ssalongo Kony, will be shareholders.

Joseph Kony’s family, still adjusting to life outside captivity, highlighted their deplorable living conditions and limited opportunities in the region.

Cecilia Akullu, Kony’s former wife, emphasized the struggle to provide for their children and pay school fees despite promises made by the President.

Moses Komakech, Kony’s eldest son, mentioned challenges in securing stable employment despite obtaining a degree through a presidential scholarship.

President Museveni offered to continue supporting victims of the LRA campaign which claimed over 100,000 lives in Northern Uganda.

The family claims that promises made during the second meeting, especially addressing their current difficulties, have not been fulfilled.

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Rwot Yusuf Okwonga Adek, the Pageya Clan Chief, who initially supported Kony’s family, has withdrawn his support, citing disrespect towards him. He alleges that the family disobeyed directives and engaged with other state actors without his knowledge.

Despite these challenges, Bosco Odoch Olak, the Presidential Coordinator for Northern Uganda, explains that the delay in the September meeting was due to the family’s late submission of resolutions. He assures that the resolutions have been forwarded to the President, and they are awaiting feedback.