Kenyan woman arrested for throwing 8-month-old baby into Indian Ocean

Kenyan woman accused of throwing baby into Indian Ocean arrested
A screen grab from a video of divers rescuing the child that has so far gone viral on social media.

Mombasa, Kenya | By Michael Wandati | Kenyan authorities have apprehended a woman accused of throwing her eight-month-old baby into the Indian Ocean on Sunday 3, December 2023.

Witnesses recounted the disturbing incident, claiming that the woman tossed the infant from a ferry during its docking in the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya.

A widely circulated video captures divers rescuing the child, leading to a surge of social media attention. The footage has triggered public outrage against the woman for throwing her 8-month-old baby into Indian Ocean, while also sparking relief over the baby’s safety.

According to media reports from both privately-owned K24 and Citizen TV, the woman’s child received immediate first aid at the Red Cross Centre, was treated, and subsequently discharged in fair condition. Simultaneously, the mother was taken into custody for questioning, as stated in the police report.

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“[She] was rushed for first aid at the Red Cross Centre, treated and discharged in fair condition and her mother taken to the police station for interrogation,” privately-owned K24 and Citizen TV have both reported, citing the police report of the incident.

The Kenya Red Cross has assured the public of the baby’s safety, confirming that the child is now under their care at the rescue center. The nature of charges against the woman remains uncertain at this point.

Authorities are yet to disclose any formal charges or legal actions in connection with the incident.