Museveni accuses Kampala based embassies of spying on him, his children

Museveni accuses Kampala based embassies of spying on him, his children
President Museveni and his family celebrate Christmas in Rwakitura

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In a social media statement, President Museveni has claimed that certain foreign missions based in Kampala are actively spying on him, seeking his DNA and that of his children for undisclosed motives.

Mr Museveni, dismissing these intentions as superficial and unserious, highlighted the issue in a recent communication.

Consequently, the President has issued a decree stating that there will be no mandatory COVID-19 testing during the NAM summit to prevent any potential espionage on DNA.

Addressing the issue, he stated, “During the NAM summit, we shall not conduct compulsory coronavirus testing. Why? After consultations with some NAM stakeholders, we discovered that certain malevolent entities in the world are keen on spying on people’s DNA. Can you imagine!”

Expressing his astonishment, he added, “Indeed, some patriots of Uganda were most surprised when certain embassies in Kampala were actively seeking my DNA, as well as that of my children. How shallow and unserious!.”

Earlier this year, African Presidents, particularly those perceived as pro-Russian and attendees of the Russia-Africa summit in St Petersburg, experienced heightened security measures. This response came after leaked intelligence suggested potential assassination plans originating from Western sources.

According to the Kremlin, there is a select group that has been hired by Britain to act on leaders in Africa.

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This was also confirmed by the Telegraph quoting a Russian Military and Diplomatic Source.

The source said the “punitive saboteur unit consisting of Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis” had been trained by MI6 and would soon be dispatched to Africa, where Moscow has sought to expand its influence in recent years, to “impede” Russia’s cooperation with the continent.

“The goal of the Ukrainian unit that has been trained by British intelligence is to carry out acts of sabotage on key infrastructure in Africa and assassinate the African leaders who favour co-operation with Russia,” the Telegraph quotes the source.