LC elections postponed again

Karamojong tribeswoman casts her ballot at a polling station during the presidential elections in Kaabong in Karamoja region, Uganda, Feb. 18. (Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The Ministry of Local Government has once again extended the term of office for Local Council 1 and 2 administrative unit councils by three months, effective from January 6, 2024.

Initially extended for 180 days in July of the previous year, these councils, whose term expired in 2018, faced a delay in holding elections, originally expected by January 5 of the current year.

The Ministry cited insufficient funding and logistical challenges as reasons for this postponement during a media briefing at the Uganda Media Centre.

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“The law as amended empowers the minister responsible for Local Government to perform this duty as indicated in the extract of the law. It is regulation 11A of the Local Government Councils Regulations,” Magyezi said on Wednesday.

Minister Raphael Magyezi also highlighted the ongoing process of harmonizing administrative units, authorized by the amended law, and stated that the extension will be in effect until the first week of April 2024, with a future decision contingent on resource availability.