Police warn business people against carrying large sums of money

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Uganda’s police spokesperson Fred Enanga addresses the media.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The police has issued a warning to business communities, cautioning against carrying large sums of money without security, as the risk of losing money is high.

One highlighted case involved Mr. James Baligeya, a staff member at Kamuli Sugar Factory, who faced an attempted robbery of UGX 60 million in Kamuli. The victim managed to escape, and a police patrol joined the pursuit, causing the thugs’ vehicle, a Toyota Wish, to overturn multiple times.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that during the incident, Boda Boda rider Mr. Kassim Mangeni was arrested and received treatment at Jussy clinic.

Four others, identified as Maganda Abdul, Tamusibwa Magola, Muwereza Emma, and Sayid driver, known criminals from Mafubira trading center Jinja, managed to flee.

The police recovered three different number plates from the car (UAY 969F, UBG 850J, UBB 876B), which the robbers frequently exchanged on their missions after hiring the vehicle from Kampala at UGX 150,000 per day.

In Kapchorwa, a businessman transporting UGX 189 million on a motorcycle was ambushed by suspected robbers on motorcycles who intercepted him and stole all his money.

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Another incident involved Denis Seruli, who had UGX 28 million in an envelope that tore, scattering money on William Street in Kampala City. Onlookers seized the money, and by the time police arrived, only two people were arrested, recovering only UGX 800,000.

Police spokesperson Enanga reported that operations were conducted in 18 out of 29 regions, resulting in the arrest of 882 criminals last week.

Of these, 400 were taken to court, 271 are pending, and 211 received cautions. Crime Intelligence and other security agencies carried out these operations.