School director arrested for locking up cook in store for 4 months

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Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Yoweri Kasozi, the Director of Mentor High School, has been apprehended by police in Kajjansi on allegations of unlawfully confining the school cook, Daniel Euriana, for a period exceeding 100 days within a storage facility.

Mr. Kasozi, who also serves as the proprietor of the Tooto Wetu Education Programme Children and Youth Centre situated at KKB Cell, Bweya Ward, Kajjansi Town Council, has accused Mr. Euriana of theft, specifically citing the disappearance of five drums and four iron sheets on December 2, 2023.

Providing his account at the Kajjansi Police Station, Kasozi justified his actions, stating that he deemed it appropriate to discipline Euriana for the perceived wrongdoing of pilfering from his employer, an act he deemed unacceptable considering his employment status.

“I promoted Euriana from being a school guard to a cook. He was in charge of the store when we found five drums and four iron sheets missing. I suspect he was responsible,” said Mr. Kasozi.

Instead of taking Mr. Euriana to the police, Mr. Kasozi decided to confine him in the store from December 2, 2023, to March 13, 2024, when he was rescued by the Kajjansi Division Police Commander (DPC) who raided the premises with other police officers upon receiving an alert from one of the locals.

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“On the 13th of March 2024, the DPC Kajjansi received information from a whistleblower regarding this unlawful confinement. A raid was conducted, leading to the rescue of Daniel. His statement has been recorded, confirming that he had been unlawfully detained by his employer for approximately four months,” said ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson.

Aged 21, Mr. Euriana said his plea for innocence fell on deaf ears. He said he was tortured and has been gradually wasting away because of injuries inflicted on him by Mr. Kasozi.

“I cried for help but no one came to my rescue. I was beaten and I was denied the chance to communicate with my relatives,” Mr. Euriana told police officers.

Police have warned people against turning their homes or workplaces into confinement centres but always seek police intervention whenever they suspect that someone has committed an offence.

Mr. Kasozi, according to ASP Owoyesigyire, has been slapped with charges of unlawful confinement.