Suspect caught on CCTV in Kampala robbery shot dead after resisting arrest

Kisenyi criminal gang leader Dog succumbs to gunshot wounds

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | One of the suspects identified from CCTV footage in a recent robbery incident targeting a woman in Kampala has been arrested, and fatally shot after resisting arrest and attempting to assault law enforcement officers during a raid targeting his accomplices.

The incident, captured in a widely circulated video on social media last week, depicted two assailants accosting a woman near Public Service in Kampala, assaulting her, and fleeing with her belongings.

Nonetheless, as per Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, Wandegeya Police recently intervened in a street robbery incident at Chez traffic lights along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road in Kampala. They surrounded a gang armed with machetes, knives, and other sharp objects, targeting pedestrians, bystanders, and motorcycle passengers for theft.

“The gang members were cornered and ordered to surrender. They refused and instead charged towards the officers with their pangas,” Enanga said.

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“The officers discharged bullets in the air in vain and were forced to shoot to main two notorious suspects who almost hacked two police officers.”

Following the incident, the police spokesperson reported that the two injured members of the gang were transported to Mulago Hospital for medical attention, where they later succumbed to their injuries.

One of the deceased was identified as Vincent Ssekynazi, also known as Taata Topi, aged 28, a notorious gang member wanted for several robberies in the city, including the recent incident near Public Service and an attack on a Chinese national near Sheraton Hotel.

Regarding the second body, Enanga mentioned that identification was challenging as it lacked any identification documents on it.

Crime in Kampala

In Kampala, crime is an ever-present element that adds layers of intrigue and complexity to the vibrant cityscape. From bustling marketplaces to quiet residential neighborhoods, stories of theft, fraud, and occasional violent incidents weave through the fabric of daily life.

Petty crimes such as pickpocketing and street robberies are not uncommon, particularly in crowded areas and during peak hours. However, the city also grapples with more organized forms of crime, including fraud schemes and illicit drug trafficking.

Despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to curb criminal activities, the dynamic nature of Kampala’s urban environment ensures that crime remains an ever-evolving challenge, contributing to both the city’s allure and its ongoing struggle for security and safety.