Is Victor Ruz in love with Patricia Nabakooza, the Ghetto Kid?

Is Victor Ruz in love with Patricia Nabakooza, the Ghetto Kid?
A viral video of singer Victor Ruz and dancer Patricia Nabakooza kissing has created a buzz on social media with netizens questioning the romantic connection between the two.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | A recently circulated video on social media of local singer Victor Ruz and Triplets Ghetto Kids pioneer Patricia Nabakooza kissing on the lips has sparked a national conversation.

The footage, captured from a car, depicts the pair sharing an intimate moment — stirring up speculation on social media about their relationship status.

With the camera capturing the two love birds kissing, Victor Ruz and Patricia Nabakooza, popularly known as Patricia Sitya Loss, appear deeply engrossed in each other’s company, exchanging affectionate gestures while listening to the song ‘Industry Baby’ by Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow.

The video quickly garnered attention across social media platforms, prompting discussions among users who pondered whether there might be a romantic bond blossoming between the two youngsters.

Victor Ruz, also known by his real name Victor Wajja, is approximately 24 years old, while the former Ghetto Kids dancer, who recently celebrated her birthday, is around 20 years old. Ruz has often expressed his affection for her, albeit in cryptic terms.

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Victor Ruz has gained popularity for his hit songs such as “Kikomando,” “Nfa,” “Ogeza,” “Wansala,” “Love Legend,” “Ndeese Love,” and “Official.”

Patricia Nabakooza born February 21, 2005, gained widespread recognition in 2014 as the young dancer featured in Eddy Kenzo’s popular song “Sitya Loss” as a member of the Triplets Ghetto Kids. The song would become a global sensation giving them another mileage that saw them appear in American rapper French Montana’s song Unforgettable in 2017.

Patricia Nabakooza sat her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations in 2022 at Uganda Martyrs’ High School, Lubaga.