Thugs drug guards, break into Luwero CAO, RDC and LC5 offices

Thugs drug guards, break into Luwero CAO, RDC and LC5 offices
Policeman and sniffer dog on search for thugs on Thursday 11, April 2024 morning. Courtesy Photo/URN.

Luwero, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Police have cordoned off the Luwero district headquarters to start investigations into a raid that occurred on Wednesday night, orchestrated by unidentified thugs.

According to reports, the thugs targeted the Luwero district headquarters around 9:00 pm, allegedly incapacitating the guards with chloroform before forcibly entering several offices.

Alex Vuko, one of the guards stationed at the district headquarters, recounted to the authorities that one of the assailants approached him under the guise of checking information on the noticeboard. However, upon being directed to return in the morning, the assailant instead pulled a handkerchief from his pocket containing chloroform, rendering the guard unconscious.

Subsequently, the assailants targeted another guard, they threw another handkerchief containing chloroform into the house of the second guard and rendering him unconscious as well. Following this, the raiders proceeded to break into the offices of the Chief Administrative Officer, Resident District Commissioner, LC 5 Chairman, and other departmental heads, where they absconded with computers, key documents, and petty cash, leaving chaos in their wake.

The perpetrators also vandalized the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system before making their escape through the rear exit of the district headquarters.

John Ojokuna, the Luwero District Police Commander, disclosed that the incident came to light in the morning when staff discovered the vandalized offices and promptly alerted the authorities. Both security guards were rushed to Luwero Hospital for medical attention and to provide their statements.

Despite efforts by the police, including deploying a sniffer dog, the perpetrators remain at large, and detectives continue to scour the premises for evidence related to the raid.

Erastus Kibirango, the LC 5 Chairman of Luwero district, announced the temporary closure of the offices to facilitate the gathering of evidence. He acknowledged security vulnerabilities and pledged to address them to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Meanwhile, the district staff and clients found themselves displaced, with some forced to wait outdoors as their offices remained sealed off by the police. Notably, Luwero district has recently been embroiled in allegations of embezzlement under the Parish Development Model (PDM) program. While investigations are ongoing regarding the missing funds, it remains uncertain whether the current break-in is linked to these allegations.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence last year when unidentified assailants raided the Bukalasa zonal lands office, stealing crucial documents, including land titles. Despite efforts, the perpetrators in that case remain unidentified, underscoring the persistent challenge of ensuring security in the region.