Man arrested for allegedly setting wife’s belongings on fire

Man arrested for allegedly setting wife's belongings on fire
Michael Katende allegedly dug a hole in his mother-in-law's house and burnt her wife Catherine Nakuya's belongings

Kalungu, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In Kalungu, police have arrested a man accused of setting his wife’s belongings on fire and causing extensive damage to his mother-in-law’s residence.

The incident occurred in Kabaale Bugonzi Village, Bukulula Subcounty, following a domestic dispute that took a severe turn.

Authorities reported that Micheal Katende dug a hole in his mother-in-law’s house and set his wife’s belongings on fire, which also resulted in the accidental destruction of a friend’s items and the wheelchair she was using.

This incident was reported on May 12.

The conflict began when Catherine Nakuya, Katende’s wife, left their home and returned to her mother Matilda Namulema’s house after a disagreement over child neglect.

Katende allegedly continued to harass Nakuya and her mother, including shouting insults and making threatening gestures.

A police officer from Kalungu Police Station, who requested anonymity due to lack of authorization to speak to the media, confirmed the incident.

“The disagreement started when Nakuya asked Katende to find a new home with proper facilities (Latrine) after failing to climb the one they had to use since Nakuya is disabled, which he refused,” the officer said.

Katende has denied the accusations of damaging his wife Nakuya’s belongings, asserting that the situation has been misinterpreted.

“I did not go and dig a hole in my mother-in-law’s house. They are lying,” he said.

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Village chairman Joseph Lukwago suggested that the couple requires counseling and rehabilitation to address their issues and effectively co-parent their children.

“They have not received any assistance from the police,” he said.

Masaka Police spokesperson Twaha Kasirye confirmed the arrest of Katende.

“We are still investigating the matter, and he will be brought to court to face charges,” he said.

The local community hopes for a swift resolution to the matter to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved, especially the children.

Katende and Nakuya have two children together.