Bobi Wine cautions NUP leaders against living luxurious lifestyles

Bobi Wine cautions NUP leaders against living luxurious lifestyles
Bobi Wine has urged National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders to ensure they stay down to earth. COURTESY PHOTO

Jinja, Uganda | URN | The National Unity Platform (NUP) party president, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has challenged all elected NUP political party leaders to avoid lavish lifestyles, which he says might endanger their relationship with their voters.

Addressing elected NUP leaders at their retreat at the Jinja based Nile Resort Hotel, Mr Kyagulanyi said that they were elected due to their humility and pledges for improved service delivery. He warned that if they choose luxurious lifestyles, they might be compromised to ignore the core principles for, which they were elected into their respective political offices.

He cautioned the leaders against purchasing expensive vehicles in the name of fitting into their new political offices but rather strive to address the need of their electorate to have a free society, which can enable them to access economic and political freedom.

Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, urged the leaders to put their money to good use by investing in developmental projects, which will boost the livelihoods of their electorate, saying it will not only liberate them from poverty but also lay a foundation of liberating them from political bondage.

Kyagulanyi stressed that despite the challenge of monetized politics, which frustrated several candidates from winning political seats in different parts of the country, most successful NUP candidates were supported emotionally and financially by their electorate and now carry the responsibility of addressing their challenges above themselves.

He further warned them against corrupt tendencies, saying they are likely to underscore the core values of democracy and good governance for, which they were elected to defend.

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Jimmy Lwanga, the newly elected Njeru Municipality MP, says that his constituency is grappling with high levels of unemployment and plans to divert part of his salary towards empowering youth and women through the provision of startups.

The Jinja city woman MP-elect, Manjeri Kyebakutika says several people have approached her for financial aid ever since she was elected. She has also committed to dedicating part of her emolument from parliament towards catering for the welfare of her electorate.

The NUP Secretary-General, Lewis Rubongoya told journalists that their retreat was aimed at ironing out internal party issues, analyzing the party’s opinion on the speakers’ race in parliament.