Police recover 7 bullets that killed Pastor Bugingo’s bodyguard

DPC raids night bar, shoots man dead during curfew operations

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Following a thorough examination of the bullet casings retrieved from the crime scene, law enforcement reports confirm the use of a pistol in the attack on Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his driver-cum-bodyguard, Richard Muhumuza, along Buwalakata road, Namungoona, Lubaga Division. The assailants, riding a motorcycle, allegedly shot Muhumuza dead on the spot.

Muhumuza, a 45-year-old from Sembabule district, left behind three children and was known as an adept body-to-body secret service guard.

Police recovered seven bullets from Bugingo’s bodyguard, indicating the intensity of the attack. Examination of bullet casings confirmed the use of a pistol in the attack.

Despite Bugingo’s car being riddled by over 10 bullets, questions arise about how he survived the assassination attempt and managed to drive the targeted vehicle to Mulago hospital.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

The vehicle, bearing the personalized plate “PRAIZ GOD,” is currently at the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) in Naguru, alongside other vehicles linked to high-profile assassinations.

Five ballistic and forensic experts have been assigned to analyze Bugingo’s vehicle, focusing on determining shooting angles.

Investigators plan to examine bullet cartridges from the crime scene, those inside the car, and bullets recovered from Muhumuza’s body.

This analysis aims to establish vehicle and body penetration angles and range, providing insights into the shooters’ positions and the distances involved.

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Unlike previous high-profile assassinations where vehicles were extensively riddled with bullets, Bugingo’s vehicle showed minimal damage, with no targeted tires. The investigation will include multiple statements from Pastor Bugingo, who is now a key witness in the incid ofent.

“Detectives recorded the first statement from Pr Bugingo but they will have a second interaction with him before the end of the week. We might record several statements from him since he is now the key witness in this incident,” a police source said.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, mentions the reliance on CCTV footage to determine whether Bugingo’s attackers trailed him or waited at the location.

Further interactions with Pastor Bugingo are expected as detectives work to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.