Back off ‘elderly’ Kadaga, NUP deputy spokesperson tells Among

Back off 'elderly' Kadaga, NUP deputy spokesperson tells Among
Speaker Anita Among (centre) was among the mourners in Bugweri on Thursday 4, April 2024.

Bugweri, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | During a burial event in Bugiri within the Busoga sub-region on Thursday 4, 2024, Waiswa Mufumbiro, the Deputy Spokesperson of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, has asked Speaker of Parliament Anita Among to diatribe directed at her predecessor Rebecca Kadaga.

Mufumbiro’s remarks centered on a critique aimed at Among’s predecessor, Rebecca Kadaga. He emphasized that the people of Busoga hold Kadaga in high regard, considering her as their maternal figure.

“Instead of eating the loot she gets from government, she has decided to make frequent attacks on an innocent person like Kadaga,” he said.

In a somber event held in Bugweri, Bugiri, in Busoga region (Eastern Uganda), several notable figures, including the embattled former Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga from the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Bernard Oundo, Chief of the Uganda Law Society, gathered to bid farewell to Ramathan Waiswa. Waiswa, a lawyer, tragically lost his life in a recent accident on the Pallisa to Kumi highway.

Waiswa was the younger brother of Abdu Katuntu, the Member of Parliament representing Bugweri County. Despite the presence of prominent individuals, the atmosphere remained focused on honoring Waiswa’s memory, with mourners offering their condolences without heavy political undertones.

Waiswa’s funeral comes amidst recent controversy stirred by Speaker Anita Among’s remarks in her marital village in Buyende District. Her comments, subtly alluding to “old women from Kamuli” vying for a return to the Speaker’s position, were widely interpreted as directed towards her predecessor Rebecca Kadaga.

Speaker Among promised to offer a job to the widow, Hailat Mutesi, at Parliament starting next week to be able to raise her children following the death of their father.

Kadaga hails from Kamuli, and Among’s remarks about the development disparity between Buyende and Kamuli raised eyebrows.

Speaker Anita Among also spoke of the people of Busoga wallowing in poverty yet Rebecca Kadaga was in a very powerful position for almost three terms.

“Those who are fighting us are fighting you and it’s high time we chased away those old women because they want to cause us problems.”

They want us to remain poor whereas Kamuli (Kadaga’s home district) is getting developed.”

Speaker Anita Among attacked her predecessor Rebecca Kadaga.

However, at Waiswa’s burial, the focus remained on paying respects to the deceased, with attendees setting aside political differences to honor his memory.

Ramathan Waiswa, the young lawyer known for his representation of Brian Isiko in a notable case involving then Kabarole Woman MP Sylvia Rwabwogo, tragically lost his life while returning to Kampala after attending a court session in Soroti.

According to Pallisa Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Majidu Dhikusoka, the fatal accident also claimed the life of Ronald Waiswa, the driver of the Toyota Prado.

Dhikusoka informed mourners that the accident occurred due to speeding, causing the vehicle to lose control and overturn multiple times, just three kilometers from where they had overtaken him.

“The driver lost control of the vehicle at a sharp bend at Akodet Village,” he said.

Dhikusoka urged motorists to always drive within the recommended speed limit.

“We all know that it’s Gods plan to give and take away but some things can be avoided,” he added.

Bernard Oundo, the head of the Law Society, fondly remembered the deceased as an intelligent and humorous individual. He noted that the late Waiswa was always willing to share valuable ideas with colleagues, particularly in navigating the complexities of handling client matters.

“Whenever you could meet him he had an idea that he would present that is useful for colleagues in the profession or handling issues of our clients,” Oundo said.

Bugweri District chairman Shafiq Muziransa appealed to the government to upgrade Bugweri Health Centre IV to a district hospital. He emphasized the urgent need for this elevation, citing the significant volume of patients the health center currently serves from neighboring districts such as Bugiri, Iganga, and Namutumba.

“Since we are also located along the main highway many accident victims are admitted to the facility yet it lacks many things like an x ray machine,” Hajj Muziransa said.

He urged the government to accelerate the delivery of road equipment to minimize the expenses associated with renting machinery for road maintenance and upgrading purposes.

“We are the only district countrywide that never received road equipment yet most our roads are in a very sorry state,” he said.

Former Leader of the Opposition Mathias Mpuuga advised politicians to refrain from making jests and instead maintain focus and seriousness if they aim to serve the country effectively and impartially.

Mpuuga, without directly mentioning any individuals, criticized certain Opposition leaders in prominent roles for making statements without proper consultations, which, he suggested, could undermine their credibility and professionalism.

Mathias Mpuuga was in attendance to mourn the passing of Ramathan Waiswa.

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MP Katuntu shared his personal experience, revealing that he was overwhelmed upon learning of his brother’s sudden passing, to the extent that he nearly fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital.

“My wife rushed me to hospital because I had developed blood pressure when I just got the news that my brother had died,” he said.

The deceased, survived by a wife and three children, had expressed aspirations to vie for the Busembatya Municipality MP seat.

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among contributed Shs 100 million toward the construction of the Bugweri District Muslim Headquarters.

Furthermore, Among pledged to provide employment to the widow, Hailat Mutesi, at Parliament starting the following week, enabling her to support her children in the absence of their father.

She emphasized the importance for politicians to refrain from making political remarks during funeral ceremonies, advocating for the appropriate timing to avoid potential misinterpretation by the public.

“People might think we as politicians as inhuman because there is time for everything,” he said.

Ramathan Waiswa was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Butende Village, located in Ibulanku Subcounty.